6 Potential Tools for Getting Sponsorship This Year

You may remember me from such posts as How I Got Sponsorship for the First Time” If you don’t, let me catch you up.

Things have changed since my first sponsorship rodeo. Where once there was a cheque book, a clipboard and a phone book, now the power of technology has made life a little bit simpler for event organizers.

That said, new tools for getting sponsorship pop up every day, and it can be hard to keep updated with what’s new. With that in mind, I simply wanted to share 6 of the most compelling tools I’ve found in the recent past that may be useful to look into:

For introducing valuable connections:


Image Source: brella.io

  1. Brella: Connects people based on similar business needs and helps to schedule meetings based on each person’s calendar.

  2. ConversationStarterOrganically asks attendees what business challenges they’re aiming to solve before the event begins. Other people get alerted and can set up a time to see if their solution or service fits the challenges.

For doing your homework on sponsors:


Image Source: charlieapp.com

  1. Charlie App: Creates a one-page profile on people you’re about to meet based on your calendar meetings. The info is collected from data on social networks, news sites and blogs. (It’s most effective in the US, though).

  2. Datanyze Insider: A Chrome extension that lets you see the technologies used by a company as well as their revenue, employees and links to their social media accounts.

To show value to sponsors at arm’s length:


Image Source: eventgeek.com

  1. Streaming Tank: One of the most well-respected providers for live streams. Potentially a great item to have for sales as well as showcasing the proceedings to sponsors. 

  2. : An event ROI platform that provides for several sponsor needs including; travel planning, a Salesforce integration, calendar integration and dozens of other features. 

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