Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… and reveal

  • You may or may not have noticed (particularly may not if you aren’t in Ireland), but our bills now correctly apply Irish VAT. Go Team Ireland! Mr. Taxman, we’re doing our best.
  • In Customize -> Services, apart from the form being much easier to understand now, you can customize the message that is pre-filled when someone wants to share that they bought tickets on Twitter. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow pre-filling. We could probably figure it out, but that would require spending time with Facebook’s API, which will probably have changed by the time we figure out how to do anything.
  • Fixed a few more little bugs when listing things. Tito is slowly getting better.
  • This one is rather delightful. While prepping some I18n features? (Ask us about them!) we added a British English locale. Soon you’ll be able to choose between being an organiser and an organizer. It’s kind of ridiculous how excited I am by this.
  • In our super-secret in-progress API, you can now access a JSON representation of your event report.
  • A gorgeous new activity summary. Out with the simple plain text of yore, and in with an even simpler, but stylish straight-outta-a-Swedish-design-house minimal HTML email. Woof.
  • And now for the little big news: waiting lists! A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a man named Clemens created the Tito WaitlistedPerson model. The twin moons of Tatooine have spun many times since then, but today, Clemens’s dream comes alive: Tito now has a waiting list feature. Docs and announcement to follow, but for now, it’s in public beta, and everyone can use it. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
  • We’ve made it to being feature complete. Out of the box, Tito can now:
  • Take expressions of interest
  • Email interested parties when tickets go on sale
  • Manage the ticket sales flow
  • Sell out, and enable a waiting list when a ticket sells out
  • Email secret links to people who joined the waiting list when tickets become available
  • Email attendees before during and after the event
  • Check attendees in on the day

All in a week’s work. Enjoy the weekend!