Welcome & Code of Conduct

At the beginning of 2018’s Brighton Ruby, during the introduction, I wanted to ‘get into’ what having a Code of Conduct means. I hadn’t seen anyone do this, and it’s a topic I’d been thinking about a lot this year.

It’s important to be introspective, as an organiser, about the impact of your event and your own responsibility to include people into our communities. We all have responsibilities and expectations about our behaviour toward each other, this is my take on what it mearns, for Brighton Ruby at least.

Andy Croll is deservedly well-liked in the Ruby-sphere. Aside from curating the ever-popular Brighton Ruby, he has a weekly blog/newsletter containing one useful piece of Ruby just because he can and thinks it’s a nice thing for people. 

This year, he spent some time welcoming people to Brighton Ruby and explaining what a code of conduct is for. Experiencing it will be the best four minutes and thirty-one seconds you spend today.