Welcoming Maria to Team Tito

“And we’ve done it all without any marketing”, is a phrase that I commonly reach for after talking about Tito numbers, growth or sales figures. It’s a bit disingenuous though. Without marketing, we wouldn’t have a website, no blog, and we’d never have gone to any conferences to talk to potential customers.

It’s more true to say that all the marketing that we have done is without anyone working on it full time. This month that has changed, and we’re delighted to welcome Maria Keenan to the team full time to help us build a marketing plan that represents who we are, and develop tools to help us make better decisions based on what our customers want from us. Be sure to check out her first post.

I believe that the core of great marketing is a great product. But this goes both ways. Marketing that is honest and full of integrity is as much part of the product as the other benefits and values that a product provides. The message around a product, the voice, the culture and the sense of belonging that customers feel are all intrinsic to the experience of the product.

These are things that we’ve hired Maria to help us build on. Maria is the fifth full-time member of the team. It’s been deliberate that we’ve brought someone in early to help us with language, tone, writing, spirit and ultimately: feeling.

As we have signed up more and more interesting customers, we’ve become increasingly aware that there is well of knowledge ripe to be shared. One of Maria’s first projects has been talking to customers and building out a series of articles and posts and tools that we think will be useful to Tito customers and beyond.

Welcome Maria.