When You Feel the Pressure

In case you’re not familiar with Marc Thiele, he runs beyond tellerand, a conference that takes place at multiple times of the year, across multiple German cities. This year, he ran into an issue that most (if not all) event organisers will have faced as part of their careers: a difficult venue hunt.

On Marc’s blog, he recently shared his journey towards re-homing the Berlin edition of the conference:

I knew it was going to be hard to find a new home for the event. Not because the size or the room layout only, but mostly because I had a picture in my head. I wanted something reflecting the ”beyond tellerrand style”of running events like this. I did not expect it to be that complicated.

What follows is a tale of 34 venues, concessions, values, and most of all reflections on the pressure conference organisers come under.

The full article is linked above, and you’ll be delighted to hear there’s a happy ending.