Why We Care About Sponsorship

It’s with pleasure that I tell you what our first theme for the revamped Tito blog is going to be: Sponsorship.

Why We Chose Sponsorship

We surveyed some of our customers, used some third-party analysis of the events sector, and swore aggressively at Excel until we came through with something concrete.

Sponsorship turned out to be something that was well-documented online, but in industries that were irrelevant to Tito customers. There is a thousand articles about Formula One sponsorship deals for every one about sponsorship for tech events. Given that, we chose to collect as much good stuff as we could to help folks who run tech events to find what they need.

Why Sponsorship is Something to Care About

I Googled “why you should care about sponsorship” and got an article on why you should care about persecuted Christians. That’s not very helpful for the task at hand.

Instead, here’s what we found throughout writing about this blog topic. They answer the question more accurately:

  1. Partnering with an interesting, relevant brand makes your event visible to their market. Chances are that partner is already present and well-known there. You probably want to work with their potential customers as they’re also good fits for your event. And vice-versa for the sponsor. Win-win.
  2. Sponsorship has long since gone beyond sticking a logo on a brochure. Creativity and sponsorship are now symbiotic, and creative events specifically have begun reinventing how they integrate their sponsor. These events now aim to create engaging spectacles at their events that delight their attendees as well as their sponsors. We’ll give you some examples in a future post.
  3. The most successful sponsorship partnerships are those that last beyond the first year of the event. Because of this, modern sponsorship is a source of recurring revenue that can help event organizers to expand the future-proofed cash flow they have for planning the next iteration of their event.

If you want to dive in straight away, the button below leads to a resource where you can calculate how much you should be asking for in sponsorship

We’re politely asking for your email address to download it, because if you’re interested in this, we think you’ll be interested in some other great stuff we’ve been working on. If you’re not ready just yet, there are more than enough pieces on the way to help you reap the above benefits. Stay tuned.