3 Youth Conferences to Add to Your Agenda – A Round-Up

It seems that everyone has what I call “Abe Simpson” days:

old man yells at cloud

Those days where you feel your age catching up with you; you feel resentful about having to get older and having different opportunities than you used to, and not always in a way you’d like. 

Some people have the privilege of avoiding those days entirely and, instead, spend their time and careers fostering the potential of younger people and helping them to learn and celebrate their capabilities. 

This week, I’ve brought together three youth conferences that I think embody the joy of being a younger person at liberty to embrace the world and your future in any way you see fit:

IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professional Congress 2018

As one of the largest youth events in Portugal, the Student and Young Professional Congress is gathering that takes place every two years in Porto. The SYP’s main goal is to enhance and foster the engineering sense and capabilities through different activities both technically and culturally while also providing an opportunity to network.

SYp banner

In essence, the event caters to young people who want to work on focusing their personal and professional growth. The longevity of the congress reflects its popularity: the SYP has been taking place since 1998. Those who are interested can save a spot until June 15th.

Dates: July 25th – 29th, 2018.

Tickets: Available, with prices starting at €275.

Youth Marketing Strategy 2019

First Porto, now the world.

Voxburner’s YMS events are famous worldwide for being the go-to conferences on youth marketing. In 2019, they will host over 200 speakers and over 100 exhibitors as the conference continues to grow year-on-year. 

yms banner

This particular event is the London edition, though they also host a version of the youth conference in New York. If you’re interested in highlights from this year’s YMS, you can view the recap video here

Dates: TBA

Tickets: Pre-launch tickets are available now for the discounted sum of £360 incl. VAT.

GlobalHack VII Youth Design Challenge 

Now for something a little bit more relaxing. 

Or not, depending on which side of the table you’re sitting on. The Global Hack Youth Design Challenge is not quite a unique youth event, but it does typify a shift towards enabling young coders to hone their skills.

globalhack banner

Taking place this autumn in the Harris-Stowe State University of Missouri, students aged 13 to 18 will challenge each other in fast-paced software challenges across 12 hours. No prior coding knowledge is required, and teams of up to five students can compete. 

Date: October 23th, 2018.

Tickets: $20 per student.

I understand, upon writing this, that you may be slightly overage for the hackathon, but if you’re interested in development for a more mature audience, you may want to see an event round up of those here