2019 Tech Events to Add to Your Agenda

The events space moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

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It seems like tickets are going on sale earlier and earlier nowadays. Obviously, this helps with forecasting for the event organisers themselves, but it also allows loyal attendees to get significant discounts on tickets that they were probably going to buy anyway. 

As well as all of this, the conferences with the confidence to go on sale a year or more in advance tend to have a quality reputation behind them, so let’s take a look at some examples and see if these 2019 tech events should get marked in your calendar:

(Note: This post was last edited on March 5th, 2019 for clarity and updated ticket prices.)

JSHeroes 2019

The JSHeroes website is host to some of the many faces that made the conference so thought-provoking this year. But the real stand-out aspect of JSHeroes is their ethos and mission:

We believe that the community model is the best environment for learning, so part of our mission is to inspire and help other communities. We’ll publish all data about this conference, in full transparency. This way, whenever the next javascripters want to take over this event, they can build on our knowledge and the event’s brand.

JS heroes

Next year, the hope is to gather yet more members of the global community together in Romania. If you’d like to be a part of it, sign up here.

Tickets: €117.31

Date: April 11th-12th, 2019.

Dublin Tech Summit 2019

I realise this just a couple of weeks ago, but over 10,000 people attended, so I felt it would be worthy of a heads-up.

Boasting a 49% female attendance, over 250 speakers, and delegates from 72 countries, Dublin Tech Summit has become a staple when it comes to tech conferences

dublin tech summit

The Tech Summit is a tech summit (obviously), but don’t assume that there’s anything generic about it. This year featured some of the biggest names in the global industry including Bruce Daisley, Casey Neistat, Johanna Maska. 

Tickets: €349

Date: April 10th-11th, 2019.

Gaming Analytics Innovation 2019

Innovation Enterprise are ahead of the game in a lot of ways. They run a vast variety of events, they touch almost all industries that can call themselves innovative, and they already have multiple events on their books for next year, despite the fact that we’re only about a quarter of the way through 2018. 

innovation enterprise

Gaming Analytics Innovation 2019 will take place in San Francisco next April. The speaking line-up features reps from Playstation, Riot Games, Twitch and Activision to name but a few. 

As the event on this list with the most detail available to us, you can read all about it here

Tickets: $600-$1495

Date: April 17th-18th, 2019.

For further reading, or if these options don’t whet your appetite: