Admission Online: From Event to Show, A Recap

The third in our new event series, Admission Online: From Event to Show, featured three speakers, over 100 participants, and, somehow, a ukulele and a banjolin.

We were delighted to host our presenters and performers and wanted to give you the run down on some highlights we and our participants enjoyed on the night.

First, we heard from Kristen Bryant from Wisita. As the Head of Strategic Partnerships there, she has a wealth of experience when it comes to integrated marketing campaigns and video production for virtual audiences.

She shared her tips around integrating video with your overall marketing strategy. Practically, she explained how to achieve quality productions on any budget.

We then heard from Jan Blake, one of the world’s foremost professional storytellers. As you’d imagine, she regaled us with some tales, and took us through her journey adapting to performing for remote audiences. She explained her process for relying on her memories of live reactions and how other presenters can adopt that.

Our final speaker was Kilian Waters, who deliberately made a bad recording to start with. After the initial shock, he brought our Admission Online audience through his tips for at-home recording and how to look, sound and present your best on camera. With his years of experience behind the scenes of cinema and stage, he translated the most approachable ways to make homemade productions much more professional.

All of our presenters then joined our CEO, Paul, in Q&A sessions and a final panel discussion covering everything from what makes a good story, to what makes an audience appreciate them.

You can re-watch the sessions in the show Gallery if you weren’t able to join us live. And, if you’re interested in learning more about Vito, our new tool where we’re hosting our online events, you can visit our new site here.

We’re experimenting with some new ideas for Admission Online in anticipation for our next show, so stay tuned here and keep an eye on Twitter for announcements about those. Hope to see you there!