Apple Pay for the Web: Available Now on Tito

It’s iOS10 release day. Since Tito is a web app, we don’t usually have to keep up with the latest APIs, SDKs, and super shiny new features.

This changes today. One of the major new features of iOS10 is Apple Pay for the Web. This is just like Apple Pay for native iOS apps, but it works on any website. Including, as of now, Tito.

Apple Pay for the Web is currently only available to certain countries. Anyone from any of those countries who has Apple Pay set up can pay using their fingerprint on any Tito page.

The process is simple. If Apple Pay is available, a “Pay with Apple Pay” button appears beneath the usual Tito “Pay” button. If Apple Pay is not available, the customer won’t notice anything different.

Apple Pay for the Web is available now for everyone using Stripe to process payments. You don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to register with Apple, you don’t need to enable any settings. If your customer is set up to use Apple Pay, they will get Apple Pay as an option.

Payments will come through just like any other Stripe credit card payment. The Apple Pay component enables the customer to use a credit card saved in Apple Wallet.

If the stories of conversion rates from Apple Pay for native apps are anything to go by, this is a huge update. Let’s hope that it makes things easier, smoother and more secure for everyone who uses it.