Post new UI bug roundup

  • fixed a bug causing an error when team members were invited to an account
  • fixed a bug where textareas looked like text fields, causing confusion about use of enter vs shift-enter for submitting forms
  • fixed a bug where https://ti.to was being repeated in URLs
  • fixed a visual bug where cancelled tickets were not being displayed as cancelled correctly
  • Added and removed date-pickers. Tito never had date-pickers because date pickers suck. Date pickers still suck. We will rectify this.
  • tidied event deletion UI a bit
  • clarified the button to access an invoice from “Download invoice” to “Download refund receipt”
  • fixed inconsistencies between confirm dialogues when creating and editing tickets
  • fixed an issue where discount codes weren’t being validated when using tito-button
  • fixed an issue where links using the beta Terms & Conditions feature weren’t opening properly