New UI shipped weeks ago, but stuff is still being fixed

  • We added totals to the daily digest email. They now show you what your ticket sales/activity was like the previous day, but they also give you a summary of your all time sales and totals. This was was requested by Des Traynor. When Des says jump, you generally look at him weirdly. When Des says “I think you should have this feature”, you implement the feature.
  • Fixed a bug with the “void ticket” form appearing incorrectly after a ticket had been voided
  • Continuing the existential theme (hi Mr. Sartre), if we had a super-customizer tool, it would now respect custom variables a bit more, in addition to showing a preview of text-based emails, and if we supported multiple languages, you would now see both your email and your receipt in the language that you registered in, and if you were using the widget with multiple languages, you could pass locale as an option to set the language. Too bad we don’t have any of those features. That said, if we did, you most definitely would be able to specify terms and conditions in multiple languages. If only we had a terms and conditions feature.
  • Reports now show a tax-type breakdown as well as a revenue breakdown. Gold-dust when Mr. Taxman is screaming at you for ALL THE NUMBERS.
  • The Tito widget now supports Tito.instance … although undocumented as yet, this is super-fantastic, because it means that you get to control how the widget gets launched. Tito.instance takes a success callback, with the widget object as an argument, so for example, something like this works: Tito.instance('ultimateconf/2013', success: function(widget){ $('a.load-widget').click(widget.load) }) … the possibilities are endless. As a brief aside, this was implemented to support allowing the widget to be loaded by an onclick event of an area tag within … wait for it … an IMAGE MAP. They still exist.
  • Tickets added manually no longer incur a fee. Bye bye revenues, hello fairer pricing.
  • Before you archive a ticket, you will now be politely told that it also archives any attendees that registered using that ticket. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  • Some really old bugs that were fixed months ago got marked as fixed in our bug-tracker.
  • AAAAaaaand the big news: we implemented webhooks properly! You can now specify multiple endpoints, so if you have multiple services that you’d like to integrate with, go right ahead. You can also choose the events that you’d like each webhook to service (whoop!) … we’re still missing some documentation for certain endpoints. If you use https://api.tito.io, you’ll also find a handy “Test Webhook” button on tickets and registrations. We’re so close to being the most awesome ever.
  • Also: the above update came with fledgling (tweet tweet!) Slack support. zOMG! Just add a Slack incoming webhook URL to one of your endpoints, and select the registration.finished event, and any time someone registers for your event, you’ll get a message in the Slack room of your choice. The future is now!