Counting down to The Force Awakens with… Starwavatars!

Starwavatar Example

When we were working on our new UI with Pete McDonagh last August, Doc sneaked something into the mockups that delighted us all. If attendees or Tito users didn’t have a Gravatar, Doc proposed that the fallback Identicon would be a stylised icon from our collective favourite original trilogy.

A quick email to Jory Raphael, the creator of this fine icon set and a day’s hacking later (despite the fact that Pete doesn’t know an X-Wing from a Bacta Tank (shame!), we had a little web service that chooses a random icon from the set, and gives it a random color selection.

We’ve been using it for Tito’s Gravatar fallback for a few months, and now you can too: in celebration of The Force Awakens coming to screens next week, we just open-sourced Starwavatars. It’s dead simple and dead easy to set up.

May the Force be with you!