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Event Listing Sites: 12 (Decent) Places to Share Your Event

Please ignore anyone that gives you the advice that “No publicity is bad publicity.” Though you’ve probably come here based on the title, and though we’re going to talk about their upsides, turning to all the event listing sites you can find and submitting your event URL without question is a bad move.

Sure, the pressure event organisers are under is amplified when they don’t get enough eyes on their event homepage, and when ticket sales then don’t go as planned. However, an “any means necessary” approach to getting links is a risky one, even if you’re desperate for clicks.

With regards to event listing sites, there’s a few specific reasons for this:

  1. A lot of the event listing sites that come up in searches are dormant. Think GoDaddy “This domain is available!” notice pages for every third link I clicked. Having broken links pointing to your site is bad for your site’s ranking capabilities, and your potential customers’ tempers. Here, we’ll share the reliable options that have been around for a while.
  2. A lot of the sites were hideous. Think the mutant child of a union between clip art, word art, and MS Paint. Not a great look for your next event.
  3. A lot got no traffic. While you might get a backlink out of sharing your event on a directory site that gets little to no traffic, having your site associated with a… “less than reputable” website can actively damage your online reputation. Being linked to by a site with low Page or Domain Authority can affect your site both from an SEO perspective, and from the collateral damage of associating with a dodgy brand.

So, with that preamble in mind, I thought it would be useful to deliver some insights into which event listing sites are out there that a) are regularly updated and vetted by actual people, b) have functional design, and c) are credible sites that will bolster rather than break your SEO authority.

Without further ado, here’s what I found:

Event Listing Sites for Every Type of Event

1. 10 Times

One of the most active sites where you can share your events for free is 10 Times. Over 15,000 events from the USA alone are live there at this very moment. The most popular countries where 10 Times events are being hosted are the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada, India, and China. The site particularly caters to trade show and conference organisers.

Event Listing Sites conferences
Image Description: A screenshot of 10Times filtered by USA. You can also filter by format and date using this interface. There’s also a sidebar of Featured Events.

There are over 30 subcategories which visitors can filter by to find their ideal event. You can therefore optimise your listing to make sure you show up in the most relevant categories for your next conference or trade show.

One stand-out feature of this site is their Top 100 section where the most popular conferences that are listed are promoted to the top of the queue. These positions are determined by audience reach, opportunities created from the site listing, size, rating, format, and international outlook.

Listing Costs: Basic listings are free. To receive a “verified” symbol beside your event, marketing credits to use 10Times-owned channels, and an event app and full website, you can upgrade to a $200/month package.

Best for: Conference and trade show organisers.

2. All Conferences

Another option that caters to event organisers in a variety of industries is All Conferences. From Accounting to Wholesale Trade, their collection of over 100,000 conference listings offers a detailed search interface for visitors, and a free listing offering for organisers.

Event Listing Sites all types of conference
Image Description: A screenshot of the All Conferences Business category displaying a list of different subcategories including accounting, banking, pharmaceuticals, information technology, and more.

That said, the most populated categories are Business, Science, and Computing. However, if we simply drill down into the first of these areas, there is a multitude of sub-categories, meaning you can get super specific when targeting specific types of visitors.

Listing Costs: Free for a single listing with basic conference details. As with 10Times, there are upgrade features where you can pay to boost your position on listing pages, but they’re optional.

Best for: Conference organisers rather than those who organise entertainment events.

3. Events Get

When I started writing this section about listings for every type of event, I didn’t quite think that there would be a website that took it as literally as Events Get.

*Deep breath* Conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, trade shows, symposiums, exhibitions, classes, expos, festivals, meetings, and fairs *exhale* are covered.

Event Listing Sites Events Get
Image Description: A screenshot of the Events Get homepage. You can choose which country you want to use events for from this interface. You can also select specific regions, specific events, organisations, or simply use their search bar with your preferred keywords.

Among the list above, Events Get also has one of the most varied sets of filters that you can browse by. As well as upcoming events, you can search past events, organisation type, region, and much more.

Listing Costs: Free, for life.

Best for: Literally, literally, not figuratively, everyone.

Event Listing Sites for Technologists

4. All Tech Conferences

And the award for doing exactly what it says in their domain goes to… All Tech Conferences! Obviously, “tech” has a broad reach in terms of the types of conferences covered under its banner. Some examples of the sub-genres of event you can find on All Tech Conference include IoT, DevOps, VR, UX, FinTech and Blockchain, among others.

Event Listing Sites all tech conferences
Image Description: A screenshot of the All Tech Conferences homepage showing their search bar where you can find the best events and trade shows within the industry.

The site also has a truly global reach covering the Americas, Africa, APAC, Europe, and Asia with hundreds of active listings (including some very familiar names from the tech conference circuit).

Listing Costs: It’s free to post an event on the website, but there are paid options available when it comes to promoting your listing, including banner ads and featured listings.

Best for: Technologists!

5. Colloq

I was happy to decide that Colloq was going to be one of my favourite sites on this list when I read their “We’re Here to Stay” section. Run by Anselm, Tobias, and Holger, the team behind the site highlighted their ambition to build a sustainable business out of the system, with no VC funding. (Though, obviously, you do you.)

This event listing site was designed with tech and design conference organisers in mind. As such, you can find listings for some of the most prestigious events on those calendars (WWDC, Refractr.tech, DevRelCon, etc, etc.)

Event Listing Sites Colloq
Image Description: The “But Why Colloq?” section from their site. Their key points are; it’s for everyone, it’s affordable, and they’re here to stay.

One unique feature on the site is that you can search for particular conferences, but also conference series and people who are organising or speaking at any of the events listed.

Listing Costs: Free to list, with optional upgrades starting at $3/month.

Best for: People who organise tech or design meet-ups or events.

6. Confs.tech

Simplicity. ❤️ Comprehensiveness. ? FILTERS. ?

I really like confs.tech. It’s an open-source and crowd-sourced listing site for events in tech that’s subcategorised by the frameworks and programming languages that each of the events focus on. You can filter by these, by location, by date. You can sign up for updates for when new conferences listings are added. Did I mention ??

Event Listing Sites tech conferences
Image Description: A screenshot of the confs.tech site. It shows the multiple countries, languages and frameworks you can filter by to browse the listings. It also has a search bar, in case you’re looking for something specific.

Another little feature that makes this site (somehow) even more valuable is their Call for Papers section, adding another layer of visibility for conferences who want to submit their details here.

When you submit your listing, the form on the site creates a pull request on GitHub from where the four fine folks who maintain the site will review it and publish as appropriate. Easy-peasy.

Listing Costs: Free!!

Best for: Those who run programming conferences and developer conferences focused on single or multiple frameworks or languages.

7. Developer Events

As you might risk guessing, this site is for organisers of developer events. Per our previous example, visitors can both browse for upcoming conferences and sign up to receive updates via email when new ones are added.

Event Listing Sites Developers

As an added bonus, the people behind Developer Events have a sister site for hackathons. They also run similar sites for organisers in marketing, telecoms and IoT. As well as the treasure trove of events you can find on here, there’s a section for developer news, should it tickle your fancy.

Listing Costs: Listings are free to add.

Best for: Those who run events for developers.

8. Front End Front

Getting a little more specific now, we’ll take a look at Front End Front. This is a site two brothers have decided to build for front end developer event organisers. As such, the site has curated multiple hundreds of listings of conferences covering JavaScript, CSS and plenty more besides.

Event Listing Sites Front End
Image Description: The Front End Front homepage. “A list of upcoming CSS, JavaSCript, and front-end conferences.”

It’s free to add your event, and you get in front of a dedicated audience for your specific needs, making it a win-win. The website currently lists upcoming events in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

The folks behind Front End Front have made it easy to add your event by simply emailing them, or forking their repo on GitHub and creating a new pull request.

Listing Costs: Free.

Best for: Front-end developers.

9. Python Events Calendar

This calendar is a unique calendar because it’s a calendar that’s made up of four different calendar sources.

So it’s actually quite simple.

The Python Events Calendar showcases everything from global PyCons to regional Python events. It’s in a nifty Wiki format too, and even comes with a map showing where the conferences are being held.

Event Listing Sites Python
Image Description: A snapshot of the visualised Python conference distribution around the world. There are dense clusters in Europe and the east-coast of the USA.

They’re only an email away if you want to add your Python event to the line-up. They ask that you give two weeks to see the calendar updated with your event. They’re busy folks, after all.

Listing Costs: Free.

Best for: Those who organise events for Python developers.

10. Tech Conferences

The last but certainly not least impressive in our technology section is techconferences.co. The collection of conferences here covers both front- and back-end focused conferences as well as full stack conferences. Visitors can choose to sort this event listing site by date and location, and there’s plenty to choose from once again.

Event Listing Sites Tech Conferences
Image Description: The homepage of techconferences.co.

The team behind this free-to-submit-to resource are also responsible for Qlearly, a bookmark management software, so you know your listing is in the hands of good developers and will live on a clean, easy-to-use site.

Listing Costs: Free.

Best for: Anyone in the technology space who’s hosting a conference.

Event Listing Sites for Academics and Scientists

11. COMS

COMS is for scientific, academic, and medical meeting organisers. Boasting some 5,130 upcoming events, and plenty more before that, the site is actively updated. Among the multiple thousand entries, you’ll find everything from didactics to mathematics covered.

Event Listing Sites COMS
Image Description: A screenshot from the COMS conference listings page showing all of the countries where conferences listed are being hosted. Of which there are many.

As well as the community submissions that we’re in this for, the team behind the site also curate listings so that the site is as comprehensive as possible. The website is also available in French and German, making their reach even broader.

Listing Costs: Free!

Best for: Academics in the sciences and philosophy.

12. PaperCrowd

Often we can be guilty of thinking of the academic lifestyle as one that’s pretty individual on a day-to-day basis. However, a quick glance at PaperCrowd, and the 10,000+ conferences on offer will shake off any of those misconceptions.

From the arts and humanities, to technology and telecoms, there’s something on offer for most disciplines on this listing site. Their explore page also lets you get even more granular if you’re hoping to attend something specific to your needs and interest.

Event Listing Sites PaperCrowd
Image Description: A view of the categories on show on PaperCrowd. Those listed here are arts and humanities, business and management, engineering, life science, medicine and health, physical science and math, social sciences, and technology and telecoms.

For organisers, this means the traffic their event gets when they post it on PaperCrowd is catered directly to their agenda.

Listing Costs: Free.

Best for: Academics of any discipline, though their Medicine and Health is their most populated category, marginally.

Hopefully this post has given you a head start when it comes to building some more backlinks and boosting the numbers you’re seeing on your event page. Of course, the rule of “different strokes for different folks” applies here.

Some of these sites might give you better results than other. Furthermore, some might be more effective for one industry than another. As with any marketing effort, it’s best to start with some experimentation, measure the results, and iterate again. Happy hunting!