3 London Tech Conferences to Attend in 2018/19 | A Round-Up

My three favourite facts about London (in no particular order) are these:

  1. More than half of the London Underground network runs above ground.
  2. It’s illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour.
  3. The statue of George Washington in Trafalgar Square sits on imported soil from the USA because George Washington claimed, “he would never again set foot on English soil.”

As well as being a city soaked in historical quirks, London (in more recent times) has become an epicenter of the tech event scene, so I thought it only fitting to share three London tech conferences that are global leaders in their respective niches with the hope of helping you find the next one you’d like to attend:

(Note: this post was last updated for accuracy on December 5th, 2019)

1) Container Camp UK 2018

In case you need to brush up on what containers are all about, they’re essentially “blocks” used by developers to package up applications and move them to another environment along with all of the application’s dependencies. This solves for problems that can come about when you move an application from a development environment to a deployment or quality assurance environment – it might work in one, but not in the others. 

london tech event

Container Camp is a London tech conference set up to explore container technology and host its experts. The first day of the event is packed with workshops, and the second is the main conference day. To get a sneak peak at some of the topics likely to be covered on the day, you can check out Container Camp on Medium.

We’re quite a bit ahead of this one in terms of time, but that means that the CFP is still open, should you want to contribute your own container talk into the mix. 

When: September 6th-7th, 2018

Tickets: You can join the waiting list here.

Unfortunately, Container Camp is now over for 2018, but they’ve promised their return next year on their Twitter:

However, if you’re in London and looking for more insight into container tech, Docker provide a remote, online training for enterprise developers which is available here.

2) Youth Marketing Strategy London 

Hosted by Voxburner alongside their other global industry events, the Youth Marketing Strategy Summits link marketing professionals with experts in youth marketing.

Previous attendees at YMS events include Buzzfeed, YouTube, PayPal, and Unilever among many other large brands

As well as over 200 presentations on innovation, future tech, and marketing to students, the event gives its attendees access to research and reports into the youth marketing industry, and provides live entertainment from the latest in youth talent plus best-in-class street food. 

When: April 16th-17th, 2019.

Tickets: Available for the generous pre-launch price of £600

3) AngularConnect 2018

Angular is a platform that makes it easy to build applications on the web. It allows developers to make single-page applications meaning that, when you go from page to page on an Angular.js website, you don’t technically go to a “new” page because it’s already been loaded, but there’s dynamic content on the page that shows up as needed. 

london tech conference

Hosted by White October Events, AngluarConnect is Europe’s largest conference about the technology. Speakers in 2018 will include the Angular Team Lead at Google, the Founder of ngGirls, and a Google Developer Expert who will hopefully be wearing the costume in his headshot during his workshop:

london tech events

When: November 6th-7th, 2018.

Tickets: On sale here.

This event has now past but the hosts, White October Events are hosting a bunch of new conferences in 2019 including Lead Developer New York which will take place on April 30th. 

Tickets are now available for $699.

If you’re not based in London, or near enough to travel there, you can check out some of our other customers’ upcoming events here, here, and here