Quick Tricks #7: Pre-filling the quantity

Quick Tricks is a series of fortnightly tips for how to use Tito like a pro, that will have you saying “I didn’t realise I could do that in Tito…”

What? Learn how to generate a custom link for an order by pre-filling quantities in the URL.

Why? Let’s say you get a call from an administrator at ACME Corp saying:

“We’d like to book 10 x Conference tickets for your event, plus 5 x Workshop A tickets, 3 x Workshop B tickets, and 2 x Workshop C tickets. Can you please send me an order form?”

Sure, you could just send them the generic event homepage URL and let them select these options themselves, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could generate a link that already had these tickets selected and the quantities pre-filled? Then all they’d need to do is hit continue and pay. ?

How? We’ve already covered how you can manipulate the URL to specify a selection of tickets, but you can also use a similar technique to pre-fill the quantity for a particular ticket too. Here’s the example outlined above, put into practice:

Pre-filled quantities on the homepage

Image description: The event homepage with pre-filled quantities against each ticket type. Click to enlarge.

Here’s the regular event homepage versus the event homepage with pre-filled quantities. Compare the URLs and see how they differ. Now let’s break it down.

Step by step

  1. Find out the release ID for each of the ticket types in Tito. The release ID is a string of numbers and letters (e.g. ouqjtb5f8i) and it appears at the end of the direct link URL, after /with/
  2. Open your homepage URL and add a question mark (?) at the end
  3. After the question mark, add the first release ID, then an equals (=) sign, and then the quantity you want pre-filled as a number
  4. If you’re pre-filling the quantity for multiple ticket types, add an ampersand (&) at the end, followed by the next release ID, an equals sign, and the quantity as a number
  5. Continue as needed and once you have all the quantities pre-filled, copy the full URL and send it to the customer. When they load it, all the quantities will be pre-filled ready for them to hit continue!

One more thing

For my example event, I only have four ticket types and they’re all public. If you need to specify a selection of tickets (or reveal secret tickets) follow the steps in this tutorial first and then add the quantities at the end of the URL, following the instructions above.

That’s all for now! Thanks for checking out another Quick Trick. I hope you enjoyed it, and look out for the next one in two weeks.