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The Average Event Manager Salary in 2020 [New Data]

By analysing some 5,000+ reports from individuals in the industry, we’re here today to share the average event manager salary in 2020. Below you’ll find data on the global average, and a breakdown across a selection of countries we analysed.

For event organisers working for organisations or providing themselves with their own salaries as part of their own business operations, averages like this can help a lot. When it comes to those employed by organisations to run their events, averages and data like this can help with salary negotiations.

For the self-employed organisers, it answers the often tricky question of how much of a salary you pay yourself. More generally, it’s a good way to take the pulse of the industry.

With that said, it’s high time we get into the numbers and break them down a little bit. Beginning with the question:

What is the Global Average Event Manager Salary in 2020?

The global 2020 average event manager salary is $50,408. (US)

According to ECPI, that’s around the same salary as computer support specialists, real-estate appraisers, and engineering technicians, for context. To come to this conclusion, we took averages from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Neuvoo, Indeed, Morgan McKinley, and Payscale.

Global average event manager salary in 2020: $50,408

Next, we’ll break this down a bit and look at averages across Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, the UK and the USA.

Here are the average event manager salaries per country in 2020:

CountryAverage Event Manager Salary

For a more linear comparison, we’ve taken recent conversion rates and compared these average event manager salary values in USD:

CountryAverage Event Manager Salary (USD)

To add some more detail, we’ve also put together some data about the average event manager salaries in major cities among these demographics:

Australian Averages by Main City

Average event manager salary in Australia

The breakdown of these salaries among the major cities in Australia are these:

  • Sydney: AU$79,417.00
  • Melbourne: AU$62,315.00
  • Brisbane: AU$60,821.00

Canadian Averages by Main City

Average event manager salary in Canada

And in Canada’s major cities, the averages are these:

  • Toronto: CA$54,656.00
  • Vancouver: CA$54,108.00
  • Ottawa: CA$50,923.00

German Averages by Main City

Average event manager salary in Germany

Moving to Germany, we’ve seen these averages:

  • Berlin: €56,773.00
  • Hamburg: €43,600.00
  • Munich: €42,000.00

Irish Averages by Main City

In Ireland, the numbers are as follows:

  • Cork: €36,174.00
  • Dublin: €36,105.00
  • Limerick: €36,000.00

UK Averages by Main City

The UK’s major cities see theses salaries:

  • London: £33,478.00
  • Birmingham: £31,183.00
  • Manchester: £24,833.00

USA Averages by State

And lastly, in the USA, these figures emerged:

  • New York: $62,866.00
  • California: $61,231.00
  • Illinois: $52,066.00

Hopefully this info can relieve some stress and help you understand the lay of the land when it comes to getting paid for your event organising skills this year. And if you have any questions about this data set, we’re happy to help.

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