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6 Events for Business Owners in 2019 & 2020

Starting your own business and scaling that business are two of the most intimidating and rewarding activities you can get into in your professional life. It can feel like you’re going it alone a lot of the time, particularly when things aren’t going as ideally as you’d hoped. However, in times like that, there’s reassurance to be found in your peers at home and around the world. To help you get among that community, we’ve put together a collection of events for business owners in 2019 and 2020, beginning with:

1) South Summit CDMX 2019

Getting to the stage of business expansion when you’re hoping to internationalise is thrilling, but it can be scary. Thankfully, there are organisations out there that understand that, and that provide for business owners by creating events to showcase success stories from those who have achieved that kind of business growth.

South Summit provides an international series of encounters where business leaders meet and inspire each other by communicating what works (and what doesn’t) to help others achieve their goals.

After two successful editions earlier this year in Malaga and Bogotá, the event will be back this October in Madrid, and this December in Mexico City.

Bringing together 40 startups, 70+ speakers, and representatives from over 20 countries, this ecosystem will be a welcome place for business owners to sink their teeth into real-life wisdom from those who have been in their shoes, and run with them.

Dates: October 2nd – 4th in Madrid, December 3rd in Mexico City.

Tickets: Available here and here.

Locations: Madrid & Mexico City.

2) Funding & Scaling September 2019

The Dublin BIC provides this quarterly funding and scaling series to help shine a light on how startups and investors have previously found success with each other and the strategies that lead to the continuous success of those relationships.

These events are morning gatherings where folks can enjoy breakfast, a 90 minute session, and time for coffee and networking among other investors, and business owners and startup entrepreneurs.

While spaces are limited, these events are also free to attend.

Date: The next session will take place on September 5th.

Location: Dublin, Ireland.

Tickets: Available here.

3) FallUp 2019

When you first visit the website for FallUp, you might be wondering why I’ve sent you to a student conference when I’m supposed to be recommending events for business owners, so let’s look a little closer.

FallUp is, yes, a conference designed for students entering the business world, but the organisers are doing so in order to benefit the businesses that this new generation will empower.

Boasting next-level networking, the expected crowd of 2,000 will be made up of those aforementioned students, but will also see companies, startups, and headhunters all eager to discuss and enlighten each other on this year’s theme: “A growth story.”

As well as ample opportunity to find your next hire, you’ll get to experience the expertly curated line-up of CMOs, CTOs and, like yourself, CEOs in an empassioned and educational environment.

Dates: September 18th & 19th, 2019.

Location: Helsinki, Finland.

Tickets: Available here for companies.

4) Startup Couples 2019

Startup Couples is an innovative event that addresses a concern that many have, but that few consider: the difficulties of starting a business with a partner.

There are a lot of layers as to how that partnership can and should develop, and almost all of them will be addressed at this workshop, hosted by Fuse.

From who you and your partner are trying to help, to what you and your business is there to do, to how you’re going to make that happen, this event will speak to some of the biggest obstacles and triumphs couples hoping to create a sustainable business can (hopefully) enjoy together.

Date: August 22nd, 2019.

Location: Washington, USA.

Tickets: Free!

5) Stream Startup Festival 2019

Community-lead conferences are always a treat because those who are curating the experience for their communities truly understand them in that situation. Stream Startup Festival is one of these valuable experiences.

The aim of the festival is to empower business owners with practical support and tools for growth. As you might come to know from attending conferences and events like this as your starting or growing your business, a healthy network is a powerful asset.

In order to enable attendees to flourish in that regard, the team behind the festival has invested in a matchmaking tool, a casual networking environment, as well as recruitment and pitching opportunities. Plus, much, much more.

Date: October 3rd, 2019.

Location: Tampere, Finland.

Tickets: From €69.

6) Owner Summit 2020

It might seem a little early to be dipping our toes into business events in 2020, but this was just too valuable to not get an early mention. Owner Summit, an initiative from Bureau of Digital is a two-day experience targeted towards, you guessed it, entrepreneurs.

Since the event will be taking place in New Orleans, it would be remiss of the organisers to not get their attendees out and about such a wonderful city. As such, they’ll be starting outdoors with a set of guided group discussions and a city tour, as well as social time to explore the city with other delegates and friends.

On the second day, attendees can expect to be wowed yet again by a day in the Orpheum Theatre where they can sit back and learn from the conference’s talks and special sessions.

Dates: February 6th & 7th, 2020.

Location: Louisiana, USA.

Tickets: Available now (and here).

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