The Weekly Tito Events Roundup

The Great British Node Conference goes on sale today, so what better day to do a roundup of some interesting events on Tito.

Over 500 tickets have been sold across 40 events in the last week on Tito. Here are some highlights.

Distill, Engine Yard’s first developer conference was last week, and it sounds like it was a great show.

We’ve also been hearing great things about Asymco Airshow, Horace Dediu’s on-tour storytelling workshop. There have been a few iterations already, and the next one is in New York on the 25th September. Horace was one of the first people on the planet to use Tito for a big event, and it’s awesome to see his events empire growing!

Taking place in Cardiff this week is our Founding Customer Zach Inglis’s HybridConf, with a lineup just bursting with smart, opinionated, influential folks. Expect a great many nuggets of inspiration.

One of our coolest stats of late is the breadth of top-level web technology conferences eg. $techConf that are hosted on Tito: JSConf (and, CSSConf (and, Sass Conf, nodeconf (and Nodeconf EU), Ruby Conf (and, uh Nordic Ruby? … or perhaps Scottish Ruby Conference) and CouchDB Conf. Finally, the world’s first Go Conference, GopherCon is on next April, and tickets are of course on sale on Tito.

Some other notable conferences that look cool to me are BlendConf in Charlotte, North Carolina, LeanConf 2013 in Manchester, England and Front-end London One-Day, which looks like a great format for meetups wanting to level up to mini-conference status.

Finally, a shout-out to So Coded in Hamburg, where I’ll be making my one and only speaking appearance of the year. You can also hear me talking about whisky and conferences on the first episode of and you can hear me talking about Tito and designing conferences on The Giant Robots Podcast.

Have a great week!