Tito Becomes One of the First Companies to Join the New Stripe Partner Programme

We’ve <3’d Stripe for quite some time now, but today we’re beyond excited to announce that Tito is now a verified Stripe Partner.

It’s always been an aim of ours to help companies scale their event businesses and sell more tickets to happier customers and Stripe has been with us since the very start.  

Tito has 1-click Stripe integration which allows you to process credit cards for selling your tickets through Tito. Our fees are collected at the time of purchase so the funds you receive from Stripe are the funds you keep.

By joining the program, our mutual customers will continue to benefit from the combined powers of Tito’s registration platform and Stripe’s seamless payments platform, except now we’ll be able to help even more events through the Stripe network.

We believe that removing barriers to online commerce helps more new businesses get started, helps others to scale, and levels the playing field. Together with Stripe, our mission is to help people who do business online to make the process simpler, and more effective.

You can read more about the partner programme here