GDPR Compliance and Information Security – Some Events to Help 

It’s Friday afternoon, do you know where your leads are?

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Where’d you get them? Who sent you? How long have you had them for?

GDPR compliance, as we’ve mentioned, can seem intimidating, but there are a few ways around it to remain in-line while sparing yourself the headache of trying to process all of the legal jargon that goes into creating a 99 article document.

Below are some events that will spell out how GDPR will impact both EU and non-EU individuals, and what can be done about it:

Information Law 2018

Fred Logue is the principal of FP Logue Solicitors and has worked on information security in Ireland and beyond, producing multiple resources and many notable forewords.

Fred has a science background and worked as an engineer before becoming a solicitor.

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He specialises in advising clients on strategy, contracts, transactions and disputes in business sectors where technology plays a key role. Fred is also a leading information lawyer, advising on FOI, access to environmental information, data protection and privacy, the latter of which will be the focus of this event.

Speakers will include team members from the UCC School of Law, the Office of Environmental Information, and the Sunday Times.

Date: March 27th, 2018.

Tickets on sale now.

ICEL Privacy 2018

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The annual ICEL Privacy and Data Protection Conference will take place in the Royal Irish Academy. Over the past four years this has become the leading Irish data protection conference aimed at the legal community.

This year’s event will take place just after GDPR comes into force, and leading Irish and international speakers will address a variety of essential topics.

Date: June 14th, 2018.

Tickets on sale now.

GDPR for Non-EU Conference Organisers

(A hands-up, cheeky plug for ourselves.)

gdpr compliance

This webinar will focus on GDPR compliance for non-EU conference organisers.

We’ll be covering:

  • An overview of how GDPR will affect conference organisers in their day-to-day
  • A breakdown of how GDPR will affect marketing and
  • A response to some FAQs that have been pre-submitted to the legal representative who will be present.

To save a seat, which guarantees a copy of the recording, you can go here.

Date: February 20th, 2018.

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