Quick Trick 25.10.2019

Quick Tricks #17: Set a custom invoice number format

Quick Tricks is our series of tips to help you get the most out of using Tito.

This week’s tip is for organisers who want greater control over their invoices.

What? Today’s post will show you how to set your own custom format for invoice numbers.

Why? By default, Tito generates a series of invoice numbers starting at 1 and counting upwards. But you might need all your invoice numbers to start with a specific three characters, or to include the current year for instance. Luckily that’s possible!

How? Head to Customize > Invoicing, and under Invoice number format you can customize the invoice number format using the following variables:

  • {{number}} — Displays the default invoice number.
  • {{number_in_year}} — Displays an invoice number that starts from 1 each year.
  • {{year}} — Displays the year the invoice was created.

You can also include letters anywhere in the format. So for instance this:

Custom invoice number format

Would show as this on the invoice:

Custom number displayed on invoice

And that’s all there is to it! I hope you enjoyed this Quick Trick. Check back soon for another. 🙂

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