Events About Innovation (Or Why We Can Have Nice Things)

We’re snowed in at the moment. 

I for one am glad that the majority of people in Ireland have seen sense, Paul and Doc included, and let their employees either work from home or take the day off. 

But anyone will tell you that our entire country grinds to a halt when the snow gets higher than a ladybird. While it’s better that we’re safe, our wanting when it comes to infrastructure to keep people safe can be a headscratcher at times. 

The nice thing is that, more generally, whenever a seemingly impermeable obstacle shows up, an innovator comes to dethrone it. Even if that might take a little longer in some cases. And that thought at least keeps cabin fever at bay. 

Writing to you from inside a cosy house, thanking my stars for the inventor of central heating, I wanted to show you some of the modern creators we’re so fortunate to have as customers, and the events about innovation that they’re producing in the near future:

InnoGrid 2020+

Describing itself as “THE EU event on innovation in electricity networks,” InnoGrid will be host to their 2018 conference this May in Brussels.


The event will focus on the future of electrical power in Europe. Where it’s operated, developed, planned and secured will be hot topics. 

EU & national institutions go free, as well as the media and students. 

Tickets on sale now. 

Dates: May 15th-16th, 2018

Pon Digital Innovation Event | Fourth Edition

Pon started out as a store selling soap, tobacco, and sewing machines. Now a huge international trade and service organisation, they know a thing or two about what kind of inventiveness is needed to keep business going throughout the decades, and hosting events about innovation inspired by what they’ve learned.

Set in the idyllic Amersfoort, this event promises to be inspirational for anyone looking to the future of their business. 

Tickets are free, but limited, so act quickly. 

Date: March 23rd, 2018.

Autonomous, Connected, Electrified, and Shared: Future Technologies

This event is being organised by the Silverstone Technology Cluster (or STC) who work on attracting investment and highlighting the growth of well, Silverstone.

As well as showcasing the developments outlined in their event’s headline, will also be providing insider knowledge of the funding that’s available for people in the field with businesses and ideas that are relevant to these ares. 


That said, if you’re not part of the In Crowd when it comes to ACES, they also stress that this event is a discussion platform for those who have an interest. 

Tickets on sale now. 

Date: March 22nd, 2018

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